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Don't let fire destroy your Christmas or your business.

We traditionally see Christmas as a time of year where businesses begin to wind down and close early for the New Year... with the exception of those working extra hard in retail!

We have a lot of things to think about around Christmas time... Decorating the tree, buying gifts, visiting the in-laws, but one thing that should always be on the top of our list is fire safety.

Previous reports show that fires often increase during the month of December more than any month of the year.

We have put together our top tips that you can apply to both the home and the workplace.

🎄🎅 🚒 🧯

1. Make sure your Christmas lights carry the British Standard kite mark.

2. Don’t leave your candles 🕯 unattended, and never place them near the tree.🎄

3. Never overload your plug sockets. 🔌

4. Avoid leaving your cooking unattended. 🥘

5. Decorations can burn very easily, so don’t place them near lights or heaters. 🎉

6. Check your smoke alarms are working. 🚨

7. Never remove the batteries from your smoke alarm to use in children’s toys. 🔋

8. Never dispose of your Christmas tree by burning it, take it to a local recycling centre or arrange for it to be collected. 🔥

9. Before going to bed or leaving your workplace, unplug your Christmas lights. 💡

10. Don’t block fire exits with Christmas decorations. 🚪

Click the below link, which shows a Christmas tree fire destroy a living room in less than a minute.


Most importantly, we hope you have a very happy Christmas! 🎅 🎄 🎁

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