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As mentioned in previous posts, fire safety legislation in England & Wales is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into force in October 2006. Part 2, Article 13 Fire-fighting and fire detection states that the Responsible Person must provide appropriate fire-fighting equipment in order to safeguard the safety of relevant persons.

How many fire extinguishers does my business need?

The exact requirement should be determined by a Fire Risk Assessment taking in to account current legislation and recommendations from bodies such as the British Standards Institute.

Should you need assistance, our BAFE qualified engineers are suitably experienced and will be able provide you with impartial advice and a non obligation quote.

What does a fire extinguisher service involve?

Fire extinguishers should be serviced in compliance with the current British Standards by a suitably qualified fire extinguisher technician with specific knowledge, skills and tools. All of Abbott Fire Protection's technicians are BAFE qualified and undertake regular refresher training.

There are different types of service and checks that need to be carried out, depending on the age of the fire extinguisher;

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is a simple regular check of the fire extinguisher in order to detect any defects such as tampering, theft, damage, loss of pressure or any other defect that my reduce the function of the fire extinguisher. It is recommended that these inspections should be completed monthly.

Who can conduct these inspections?

As they are a simple check, they can be conducted by a suitable person within your business, such as a Fire Warden. These checks should be recorded in your fire safety log book. If you become aware of a defect, then it is recommended that your contact your fire safety service provider as soon as practicable.

Basic Service

A basic service is an annual inspection of the fire extinguisher that involves a thorough checking, looking for signs of damage, corrosion and partial or complete discharge. All defects and required corrective action will be recorded and passed on to the Responsible Person.

Extended Service

This is a more in-depth service that takes place every 5 years (10 years for C02 fire extinguishers). and involves the fire extinguisher to be discharged, dismantled and inspected both internally and externally, before being refilled and recharged. Should any potential points of failure be discovered, these will be recorded on the service certificate and the Responsible Person informed.

Who can conduct these inspections?

You should insure that technicians are suitably qualified and competent with the correct level of insurance. Recharging fire extinguishers can be extremely dangerous if not done in the correct manner.

Why should you choose Abbott Fire Protection?

Abbott Fire Protection's extinguisher technicians are BAFE qualified and industry experienced, who are committed to providing impartial non-obligation advice. As members of the British Fire Consortium openness and fairness are our core values. We will only recommend work that is necessary, and our team are not commission driven, ensuring that you will always receive honest advice.

For safety advice, risk assessments or for fire extinguisher servicing within Tameside, Glossop, Greater Manchester and surrounding areas, contact Abbott Fire Protection today via our contact form, email or call 0161 258 1929.

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